Eve Schwarz


„Techno has to have that dirty purity… it has to run right into the stomach, the core….“

The curiosity about the contrast of the futuristic, synthetic techno sounds to a nostalgic vinyl disc made her set up her own living room DJ booth.

Infected by the young wildness of the underground and the hypnotic raves in shady basements and warehouses in and around Hessen (Stammheim, U60311, Airport – Germany) Eve started taking an active part in the scene after she had moved to Munich. Her first records she collected at Optimal and Plattenbank.

That was back in 2008, and the beginning of a great journey of music and self-reflection.
As she already had played several acoustic instruments before, sound had always been a means of emotional expression with a strong physical connection.

„DJing to me is touching the music and transmitting my inside to the crowd on the dancefloor.“

This can be dark and hypnotic or hard, industrial and pushing, but when you hear her play you will find her sets are always full of intense energies and very impulsive.

In 2012 Eve moved back to Frankfurt am Main, discovered the places in which her passion had started from the other side of the turntables and became part of several projects:

In 2013/14 she played a residency at the MTW Club

In 2014/15 she joined techno two projects of Anthony Rother where she played
alongside of artists like Anthony, Ingo Boss, Pascal Feos or Heiko Laux

Since 2016 she has been a resident of the RAWK nights in Tanzhaus West

2016 was also the beginning of her connection to the young Cologne techno label Uncut Music, where she publishes music, mixes, plays regular events and exchanges with the Cologne scene.

Meanwhile she is located in Berlin and expanding her knowledge about analogue equipment, concentrating on the quality of own productions.


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